Our Core Values



We believe the Bible


At One Ministries we teach the Word of God as Vox Dei (The Voice of God). This means that we are teaching from a Historical, Literal and Grammatical interpretation. 

We believe what the Bible teaches concerning the Fall of man, "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" and, the way of justice for humanity in terms of our relationship with God.   It is written, "Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God". 

We believe and teach that the Word of God produces in the heart of man the means by which fellowship with the God-head is possible.  The bible says,  "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God". 

We believe that Christ is "the way" of salvation. 

As it is taught in Scriptures that we have been reconciled into fellowship with the God-head through the life and blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  As it is written, "In due season Christ died for the ungodly". 

We teach that fellowship with Christ is produced in the heart by the grace of God.  Scripture tells us,  "by grace are you saved, through faith it's a gift from God unless men should boast". 

We open our doors to alL

One ministries is open to any individual who desires to participate in prayer, praise, worship and hearing the gospel. We minister in an open space with a community ready to receive  all who are willing to join  and hear the Word of God. 

We believe that worship is a part of our earthly obligation to God for all that He has done for us. Scripture reminds us "forsake not the fellowship". Therefore, all are welcome to experience the fellowship with us. 



We believe that we are governed in all we do by Holy Spirit of God.

The Spirit guides us in our devotions in public and private, our giving of time, talent and treasure.  As we sojourn in this vineyard the Spirit conforms us into the image of Christ.

We believe in cheerful giving  

And,  teach that giving is a part of our worship experience. Therefore we give in faith to meet the common needs of the ministry. The offering received goes to the advancement of the message and ministry outreach. 

Our giving does not stop with finances, we need your time. A huge part of the work we do is based upon volunteers.  Therefore, your time is valuable to us and necessary to assist in advancing the work. of the ministry. 

We believe in using the talent that God places before us and in us.   If you are skilled in an area that we lack we pray that God will put it in your heart to participate in assisting us to get those things done. We understand that knowledge is a gift from God.  Therefore, we embrace everyone's gift, knowledge, experience and expertise.