NaRon Tillman on dealing with anxiety and fear.





Chris teaches us how we should conduct ourselves in relation to our fellow man, and in our personal devotion. He instructs us to petition God for forgiveness of our debts while actively inspiring us to forgive, for if you forgive men their debts, the Father will also forgive you. (Matthew 6:12)  

Christ Is delivering us from old paradigms and worn out world-views as he renews us mentally shifting the hearer into a different level of consciousness.  He then teaches us how to deal with our possessions while guiding us into self-mastery which is beautifully captured in Matthew 6.  During this portion of teaching Christ shifts his gaze from earthly possessions, disciplines in spiritual practice and moves us toward areas concerning the mental hygiene of the believer.  I will highlight the mental health portion of the chapter because it is in this section of scripture text that Jesus provides us with tools purposed to enlighten us. Christ now leaves tools to unchain the listener from mental bondage as he leads us to an area of personal development. Christ is concerned with His audience's ability to transform their thoughts into a liberating level of consciousness.  He instructs us to, "Take no thought on your life" (Mathew 6:25). This radical teaching provokes queries as to how this can be done when life is loaded with cares.  He presses us to a question that is even more revolutionary when we stop to focus on it "is life worth more than meat and the body more than clothes?" (Mathew 6:25)

This “take not thought for life,” teaching is purposed to reduce fear while placing our trust solely in the now.  It is purposeful to reduce fear while placing our trust exclusively to renewing the mind as we are no longer overcome by the cares of this world. "Take no thought of your life" is poised to push our thoughts from a process that is loaded with a personal, selfish and ego-greed-centric understanding and move us to a path of selflessness where we begin to care about teaching these lessons to others who hold their truth in worry.

This is a lifelong exercise our mantra “take no thought” can be obtained through silence, which is purposed to free the mind while allowing our thoughts to run free. Yes MEDITATION! This is an exercise of not holding on to thoughts as we are challenged to live; therefore, becoming liberated from the narratives of the world.  Oh, that the mind could embrace such freedom.  One may ask, how can I not think of my hunger, nakedness, housing situation, career, children, debt service when all of these things come constantly as a reminder of how hard life is?  How can I live in the now when I have already mortgaged off my future?  Here Jesus’ retort to our concerns; "which of you by worry and being anxious can add any measure into your stature? "(Mathew 6:27). In other words, how does the loaded mind--pregnant with the cares of this world--assist you in living?  We assert a great deal of energy and mental currency spending in areas that we have been taught to conquer in word text by God. There must be devoted time and training in the area of quieting our minds; which will reduce anxiousness that Christ has shown us to be useless.

Christ understood what many of us struggle to learn, so he grants us a new paradigm to aim for. This is not new age hyper spiritual thinking.  The creation narrative teaches that all things came into existence from the voice of God. “If God clothes the grass in the field which today is and tomorrow isn't, shall he not much more clothe you." (Mathew 6:28) He has an intention to recondition the mind and give it something in place of the old anxiety filled thoughts that once innately gripped it. "Therefore, take no thoughts...but seek Gods kingdom."  (Mathew 6:31)

5 things you can do today to combat anxiety

  1. Get a chair and position it to the wall

  2. Breathe deeply in 4 breaths

  3. Exhale 4 breaths

  4. Pay attention to the breath and allow your mind to roam free

  5. Do this for 2-5 minutes with the goal of expanding to 30 minutes

You will eventually see that even the most fearful thoughts can be overcome by allowing them to be.  After all, what’s the worst that can happen?